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    If you are in trouble, try to read the following frequently asked questions which we recieve from our customers. For each question you will find an answer of a qualified expert.

    The parting of the HDD in Eltrinex HD-1000
    Can I divide the HDD in Eltrinex HD-1000 into more parts?
    Yes, this is possible. HDD has to be divided to FAT32 (primary). This solution works also for HD-600 and HD-900.
    Firmware compatibility
    Can I use the firmware for one model in another model? (e.g. HD-600 firmware in HD-900 etc.)
    No, this is not possible. Every model line has its own firmware. Use just firmwares designed for your model.
    Eltrinex HD-1000 xD cards support
    Does Eltrinex HD-1000 support also xD memory cards?
    Yes, this model can also read data from xD memory cards
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