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    Eltrinex V4Pro (4 GB)

    Eltrinex V4Pro (4 GB)
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    Professional voice recorder with direct MP3 recording. With its memory 4 GB this voice recorder can take up to 588 hours of high quality recording (which can be stored in various folders). As additional functions you can set time and date, use timer for recording without human's operation, set microphone sensitivity, noise reduction, recording from external sources via line-in etc. For a high quality playback the internal speaker can be used.

    • High quality recording.
    • 4 GB memory (588 hours of recording).
    • Direct recording to MP3.
    • MP3 and WMA playback.
    • TIMER setting for automatic recording.
    • Microphone sensitivity setting.
    • VOR and noise reduction functions.
    • Long battery life.
    • Easy to operate.
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    Digital voice recorder Eltrinex V4Pro is one of the professional recorders with its high quality of recording directly to MP3 format. The recorded tracks can be easily played using standard PC without a need for any additional conversion software. After connecting with the PC, ELtrinex V4Pro also does not need installation of any communitaction software. With its feature called Mass Storage, V4Pro automatically shows itself as a new drive. Recordings are ready to be copied simply using the same method like copying files from a usb stick.

    This product can be also used as a MP3 and WMA player - using classic earphones or the internal speaker. Playback sound can be corrected using preset EQs. The large LCD shows all important informations about the recording, battery and settings.

    Sound recording can be done directly from the internal microphone or using the external (stereo) micrphone for longer distances recording. You can also record from external audio source (via line-in). For the microphone recording, there is a choice of 2 sensitivity levels. Using VOR (voice operated recording) the V4Pro is able to recognize the incoming sound and start recording automatically. This function also let the V4Pro to pause the recording when silence is detected. While recording, you can listen to the recorded sound using your earphones and check if the quality is enough, etc. While recording, you can also activate the noise reduction function by clicking just one button. Using TIMER function, you can schedule your recordings and start / end recording at specified time without any need to operate the machine.

    Options for microphone recording (MP3):
    Stereo SHQ 128 kbps / 16 KHz (stereo)
    Stereo HQ 64 kbps / 16 KHz (stereo)
    SP 16 kbps / 16 KHz (mono)

    Options for line-in recording (MP3):
    Stereo SHQ 128 kbps / 44 KHz (stereo)
    Stereo HQ 80 kbps / 44 KHz (stereo)
    SP 32 kbps / 44 KHz (mono)

    V4Pro takes energy from set of two AAA batteries for very long time of continuous recording. As additional function we cannot forget to mention also activation of sound control (beep) to confirm each button to be pressed. Recorded files can be divided into 4 preset folders (A, B, C, D). Each folder can be filled with up to 99 recordings.

    Accessories: Voice recorder Eltrinex V4Pro, earphones, USB cable, external stereo microphone, external mono microphone, phone recording set, line-in cable, manual.

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